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Function. Satisfaction. Emotion. Decoration.

With believing" TOUCHING NATURAL LIFE",SURPASS was founded in 2005.

Since our establishment, Surpass has steadily grown up into a outdoor furniture market for our exceptional quality, innovation and customers service to worldwide.

For 10 years, Surpass has been dedicated to develop, manufacture and sale of high-end outdoor furniture

Surpass has 2 workshops and 1 sale-office, which enable us an output USD 6 million more or less per year.

Surpass offer a unique design philosophy for wonderfully diverse settings ranging from cafes and camps, to contract and domestic using. Excellence in Outdoor Furnishings, our assortments offers wide range of different material, including Aluminum, Stainless steel, Synthetic wicker and wood which is suitable for outdoor.

With an experienced R&D department and skilled craftsmen, our products come to life by being manufactured with very strict control policies and procedures, ensuring multi-stage inspections. And get the outstanding reputation from the customers.

With our belief, we will keep moving on to pursuit...

SURPASS-touching natural life


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